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B!tch on the Street

Days and nights in New York City are tough enough without having to deal with all the sh!t this city dishes up. B!tch on the Street tells the tale of two ladies making their way through this crazy town...one freak at a time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Going Up...Psycho?

So I get in the elevator this morning and it's me and 2 guys. The doors close as I press my floor. One of the other floors was pressed already. Then, one of the guys on the elevator proceeds to hit about 8 buttons (all, of course, for floors below my floor). I said, "Do you not know which floor you're going to?" He ignored me. My spidey senses perked up immediately. Uh oh....psycho alert!

The first guy gets off the elevator and doesn't even glance at me. Now I'm like, "Oh shit. I'm left on here by myself with the psycho!" We proceed to stop at like 7 floors. He doesn't make a move even though HE PRESSED ALL THE BUTTONS! My floor is the last one lit up (#30 if you care). It was the slowest 3 minutes of my life passing all those floors, waiting for the doors to open, close and then to go again. My floor finally came up and I prepared to exit the elevator while holding my bag in such a way that I could swing it at this nut case's head if I had to. Hey, this is NY. You have to be ready for action. I got off at my floor. He did not. And by the way, no other floors higher than mine were pressed.

I fully admit, although I wanted to, I was too scared to take a pic of him. But I got the buttons on the elevator that this head case pressed so you can get the full picture of what I stared at the whole way.

Were I feeling braver, I would have told this idiot that he was a freak, but I was too chicken and hadn't had my coffee yet.

What a way to start the day!


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