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B!tch on the Street

Days and nights in New York City are tough enough without having to deal with all the sh!t this city dishes up. B!tch on the Street tells the tale of two ladies making their way through this crazy town...one freak at a time.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shameless Plug

I know the posting hasn't been as frequent as we all would like but hopefully that gets better in a few weeks when work stops torturing me! However, since Kelly was kind enough to nominate us for Snarkiest Blog please go and vote for us here! It would mean so much to BOTS! It would be like the whole world has finally recognized that what we do is a much needed service in society...That some one recognizes the courage it takes to stand up to these assholes and bitch slap as necessary.....Ok fine it would just be really cool!! I got some bitch slappin' to do...I'll be back later!



At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Helloooo PEOPLE we need to do better than 10%!!!! Get you a** in gear and vote. You don't want the bit*chs to find uuuuu...hahahaha


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